Sushi 29

Sushi 29

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Small Dish

GARLIC EDAMAME (sautéed soy beans with crispy garlic and cilantro)

STRING BEANS ( lightly fried serve w/creamy sesame)

GYOZA  (pork or vegetarian pot stickers, pan fried or steamed)

MISO SALMON (marinated w/ miso)

CRISPY ASPARAGUS (breaded asparagus w/creamy sesame)

MINI SASHIMI (4 pieces of salmon, or albacore, or maguro, or hamachi w/ seaweed salad)

GARLIC FRIED CALAMARI (fried calamari tossed w/ seven spices, seasalt, garlic & cilantro)

GRILLED RACK OF LAMB (marinated w/ shichimi, sea salt and basil)

COCONUT PRAWNS (fried prawns breaded in shredded coconut w/ sweet coconut milk)

SOFT SHELL CRAB (fried soft shell crab served w/ ponzu)

TEMPURA (fried prawns and veggies w/ blue cheese or traditional dipping)

SPARE RIBS 29 (braised pork ribs glazed w/ honey spicy, cilantro & sesame)

DRAGON DUMPLINGS 29 (prawn & basil wrapped w/ wonton skin in spicy garlic sause)

SPICY SALMON PARFAIT (spicy salmon, avocado, orange & black tobiko with crispy mochi rice)

SMALL SASHIMI COMBI (8 pieces of sashimi @ chef’s choice)

NASU FRIED (fried eggplant stuffed with bonito flakes serves w/ginger dip